Honb’le Former President Of India Shri V. V. Giri Speech On Our Nation’s Iconic Freedom Fighter Shri Ma.Po.Si

26.5.1974 On Sunday, Chennai Kalaivanar Arangam,Honb’le Former President of India Shri V.V Giri released the autobiography of India’s Iconic Freedom Fighter M.P.Sivagnanam (fondly called by Tamil’s across the world as ‘Father of Tamil Nadu’ MA.PO.SI) titled “Enadhu Porattam” (My Struggle) –

“I am very excited to publish the autobiography of my friend MA.PO.SI. Its a good opportunity to have known MA.PO.SI for forty years and i am indebted to him for his love and affection.We, as comrades of Indian Freedom Struggle have been imprisoned for many years. I have greatly admired his interest in liberating the country from foreign imperialism and serve the underprivileged people.

I am confident that our friendship started during the struggle for our nations independence will live on forever. Despite many twists and turns, our friendship has remained unbroken. I am delighted to have the opportunity to congratulate my old friend who came to the event today.We have fought for the liberation of the country’s economic life and for the political liberation. Since the day the country became independent – for the last 27 years – we have been striving for economic independence.


Always active, MA.PO.SI used to read Tamil and Tamil literature all day long while he was imprisoned and forced to rest. His hard work and tenacity have made him an excellent writer and eloquent speaker. He has made a significant contribution to Tamil literature.My knowledge on Tamil is limited. However, I realize that Tamil language is one of the oldest of the world languages and at the same time a unique language that is capable of adapting to world ideas.

Valluvar, Elango, Kambar, the great poets of Tamil are geniuses who have travelled its literary oasis.Only its special tradition demonstrating “யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளீர்” can replace the depth and breadth of literature of Tamil Language.I hope the MA.PO.SI’s autobiography reflects this Tamil sentiment and touches the hearts of young people. I wish him to further continue his service to Tamil Nadu and India for many years”

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